Where does butter come from?

Sandwich Spread

Butter is made by churning the butterfat from milk.  Butter comes from milk.  Milk is full of tiny particles of butterfat.  Butter is made from this fat.

Cream is the part of milk that is richest in butterfat.

In butter factories, the cream is separated from the milk and pasteurized to destroy harmful bacteria.

The cream is then poured into tanks that look like big drums.  The drums turn and churn the cream.  While it is being churned, the cream “breaks” and the tiny drops of butterfat cluster together into lumps that become the butter we eat.  The milky liquid remaining after the cream has been churned to make butter is called “buttermilk.”

The lumps of butter are washed in water and then “worked” to make them smooth and uniform in taste and color.  Usually salt is added as seasoning and to make the butter keep better.  Finally, the butter is cut into blocks and packaged all ready for you to spread on your bread. – Dick Rogers

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