Who invented the piano?

Stringed Instrument

The piano is a stringed  instrument played  with a keyboard.

The first piano was invented  early in the 18th century by an Italian harpsichord maker named  Bartolommeo  Cristofori.   His invention  was designed to remedy  the harpsichord’s inability to play softly or loudly by the touch of the fingers.

He called  his invention “gravicembalo  col piano  e  forte”(Italian  words meaning “harpsichord  with soft and  loud”) to show that,  unlike the  harpsichord, it could be played both loud and soft with ease.  The name was shortened  to piano- forte and finally to piano.  The keyboard of a standard piano consists of 88 white and black keys.

Inside the piano  there are many wire strings stretched over a sounding board.  There are also wooden  hammer  covered  with  felt.   When  you  push down on a piano key, a hammer  strikers a set of strings.  The strings vibrate and  make the musical sound. – Dick Rogers

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