HOW Do Hearing Aids Work?

Modern hearing aids work much like miniature telephones.  They  have microphones to pick up sound and  amplifiers that increase the loudness in the ear  of the wearer.

Perhaps  the hearing of  someone  you know is not as good as it was when  he was  younger and he must now wear  a hearing aid.

Miniature Telephone

A  hearing aid is a sound  amplifier –  a device that increases the loudness of  sounds in the ear of the wearer.  The earliest  hearing   aid  was the ear  trumpet. This was  a  trumpet- shaped  instrument.  Its small end was  placed  to the ear. It simply  gathered in sound and funneled  it into the ear.

Today people who are hard-of hearing use  small transistor hearing aids instead of ear trumpets.

Modern hearing  aids are  essentially  small battery-powered  telephones.  They have  microphones to pick up sound and amplifiers to make sounds  louder.

A  button- sized  receiver fits in the ear or behind it, depending on the  type of hearing defect, and sends sound  vibrations to the hearing center.   Sometimes, hearing aids are so  tiny  that you hardly notice them. – Dick Rogers


  1. Modern digital hearing aids are pretty impressive tech these days. They do a lot more than just amplify sounds, they contain a small micro-chip that processes the sounds coming into the ear and modifies them based on algorithms and settings manually entered by a hearing professional.

    As well as making *some* sounds louder they also: reduce background noise to make speech clearer, focus on sounds in certain directions and bring them into focus above sounds from other directions (for example, you may want to hear someone to your right but don’t want to hear the noise behind you), limit volume so sounds are not too loud, enhance sound-quality of speech. And other things as well!

    People with hearing loss don’t just need more volume, they also need improved quality of sounds.

  2. Hearing aids are very popular these days…and the reason behind this is using the better and latest technologies in making of these aids. Earlier people were not aware about the working of these aids but now people having some listening issues are using this device in their regular life as this device is very useful.

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