What is the biggest desert?

The Sahara desert of North Africa is the Largest desert in the world.  It is nearly as big as the whole united states.

Almost as large as the whole United States, the Sahara stretches across the northern part of Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.

The Sahara desert is a vast, sunbaked land of flat, rocky plains, shifting sands and rocky uplands.A burning sun and scorching winds make it the hottest region in the world.  On summer days, the temperature may research 130 degrees F.

Shirting Sands

Scattered through the Sahara there are oases, places where a spring or well provides enough water for date palms and other crops.  Only one river, the Nile, runs across the desert.

The Sahara people wear long robes and turbans wound around the head and neck for protection against the hot sun and stinging sandstorms.

Camels were once the only means of transport across the Sahara.  Nowadays, buses and trucks cross many of the Sahara’s routes. – Dick Rogers




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