What is a doctorate degree?

A doctorate degree is the highest degree awarded to a person by a college or university.

In the United States, a student who graduates after four years of study in a college or university normally receives a “bachelor’s degree” and usually specializes in a field of study called his major subject.

Highest Degree

Some students begin work in their new professions after earning a bachelor’s degree.

Many do not stop their studies at this point, but go on for graduate studies that lead to a highest master’s degree, and then to a doctor’s degree to practice in special professions such as medicine, dentistry, law, or the field of education.

Degrees are awarded (conferred) at a ceremony called “commencement” – a term that means the beginning of a career outside academic surroundings.

A person on whom a college or university has conferred the doctorate is properly addressed as Doctor (abbreviated “Dr.”). – Dick Rogers

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