How did the idea of birthstones start?

Many people wear a birthstone to show which month they were born in.

From very early times there have been superstitions about gems.  Ancient people thought that certain gems had magical powers and could protect them from harm and bring good luck.

Some gems were supposed to have an influence on love and marriage.  Others were supposed to strengthen such personal traits as courage, sincerity and loyalty.

The idea of birthstones came from old superstitions that certain gems brought good luck and good health to people, defending on their birth dates.  Each month was given a stone.


The birthstone for the month of May, for example, is the emerald.  Wearing this stone, people thought, would bring love and success to anyone whose birthday was in the month.

Not many people still believe that birthstones affect the wearer’s life.   But many do enjoy wearing their birthstones set in rings, brooches, and other jewelry.

Do you know your birthstone? – Dick Rogers

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  1. I was born 10th April, My Birthstone is March Birthstone or April Birthstone

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