How is cotton woven into cloth?

Strong Thread

The long cotton fibers are spun into strong treads which are then woven into cloth.

Many of the towels, sheets, shirts and clothing we enjoy using and wearing are made of cotton.  The cotton plant at harvest time looks like it has a cluster of flurry snowballs made of silky white cotton fibers.

After the cotton has been picked it is carried to a machine called a “gin” which separates the fibers from the seeds.

When the cotton arrives at the textile mill, spinning machines spin and twin the loose fibers into strong threads and wind them on bobbins for weaving.

After the thread has been spun, a machine called a “loom” automatically weaves hundreds of threads into cloth in much the same way we might weave a reed basket.

After the cloth has been woven it goes through many other steps in which it is bleached, dyed, and printed.  Chemicals are added to printed cloth to make sure that the colors remain bright. – Dick Rogers


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