How is lumber made?

The chair you are sitting on was perhaps once part of a tree that grew in a forest.   Lumber, as we know, is the wood of trees that has been sawed into planks, boards, etc.

Before tree can be sawed into lumber, it must be cut down and transported to the sawmill.

Wood of Trees

The logs are sent through the sawmill on a moving belt.  When a log first enters the sawmill, jets of water give it a stinging bath to remove the sand and dirt that might dull the teeth of the saw.

After washing, the log is then rolled onto a carriage that carries it into the teeth of the head saw that saws it into rough boards.

When the log has been reduced to boards, the boards travel to other saws that trim off the rough edges and cut them to the right length.

Then they are sorted and planed smooth.  Finally, the lumber must be seasoned, or dried, so the woods will not warp or rot. – Dick Rogers

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