Why do we need parking meters?

Parking meters are used mainly as a means of getting an efficient turnover of parking spaces in crowded city business districts.

While motorists shop they must have parking space.  A big problem for most cities is the lack of sufficient curb parking spaces for the large number of vehicles that enter the business district each day.

Parking Space

As a way of getting an efficient turnover at parking spaces, parking meters are often used.  A parking meter regulates the length of time a vehicle may park in a particular parking space.

A parking meter is a kind of time clock.  When anyone parks a car in a metered space, he has to put some money into the parking meter.  The time clock inside it is set in motion by the coin.

When the time on the meter is used up, a red flag appears on the meter.  If the car is with there after the meter turns off, a policemen can issue a violation ticket for over-parking.

The first city in which parking meters were ever installed is said to be Oklahoma City.  The Year:  1935. – Dick Rogers

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