Where does dust come from?

Housekeepers spend a good deal of time dusting.   If you have ever helped clean, or dust, furniture, you may have wondered where all the dust comes from.  It seems to be a daily chore, because dust is always with us.

Dust settles from the air and makes a gray coating over everything around us.  Dust is more that just specks of dirt.  In the ordinary dust you could collect from a windowsill, you would find tiny chips of rock, bits of dead wood and dried leaves.

Dust may also have in it spores from plants, pollen from the powder in flowers, spot from smoke, cinders left from meteors burning up on their way to earth, and other bits of matter that float in the air.  It may also contain salt dust from a faraway sea, or cinders left when a meteor burned up on its way to the ground.

It is almost sure to contain soot from the smoke you see pouring out of a chimney.  Dust may drift hundreds of miles before finally setting because of gravity.    Some is washed down with rain.  Water vapor in the air collects on the tiny bits of dust to form water droplets, which form the clouds from which rain and snow fall.–Dick Rogers

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