How does a camera take pictures?

Camera film is coated with special chemical sensitive to light.   A camera is basically a box which light cannot enter, except through a small hole located at one end of the camera.

Film Coated with Special Chemical Sensitive to Light

This opening is covered with a glass lens.  A shutter opens and closes the hole behind the lens.  When we open  and close the shutter of the camera quickly, light enters through the lens.

The lens throws a picture of what is in front of the camera onto the film inside.  The film is coated with a chemical sensitive to light.  When a picture is flashed onto the film, a chemical change takes place, and an invisible picture is formed on the film.

Later, at the camera shop, the film is developed in special solutions to make the film picture visible.  This film picture is called a “negative.”  The photographer uses the negative to make the photograph we see.

Moving picture cameras work much like other cameras.  They simply take one picture after another very rapidly. – Dick Rogers

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