What makes a boomerang return?

The boomerang’s shape, together with its spinning motion through the air, makes it return.

A boomerang is a curved throwing stick used by the natives of Australia and some other countries as a weapon or for hunting.  There are two kinds of boomerangs—the return and the nonreturn boomerang.

Curve Throwing Stick

The return boomerang has the ability to return after a curving, spinning flight, and land at the feet of its thrower.

Such boomerangs consist of curved, hardwood blades which are usually flat on one side and slightly rounded on the other.  The ends are slightly twisted in opposite directions.

It is this shape, together with the spinning motion of the boomerang as it whirls through their, that makes it return to you.

Some people think that the boomerang comes back after hitting its target.  But this is not true.  The first part of the boomerang’s path is nearly straight.  It is expected to hit its target while in this part of its flight, and return only if it misses the goal.

The nonreturn boomerang is heavier and is nearly straight, and does not return to the thrower.  It is used mainly or hunting or as a weapon. – Dick Rogers

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