What Is Patent?

Government Grant

A patent is a government grant which gives an inventor, and no one else, the right to make and sell his invention for a certain number of years.

Perhaps you have seen the words “Patent Pending,” “Patent Applied For,” or “Patent No. 123456,” for example, marked on many of the things you buy and use.

These are patent signs that tell us that the inventor of the product, and no one else, has the right to make and sell his invention without paying to do so.  Patents are granted and protected by the government for a certain number of years.

The inventor who wants to patent a new invention must submit a description of it to the Patent Office.  He must also claim that the invention is his own idea as well as pay an application fee.  If the idea is judged to be brand new and useful, the Patent Office issues a patent.

Just at patents protect inventors, copyright protect the literary, musical, and artistic works of authors, composers, and artists from those who would copy their work or claim to have created it.–Dick Rogers



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