Who were the Vikings?

The Vikings were skillful and daring seamen that came to be the most-feared feared of their time.  They lived in the north of Europe a thousand years ago.  “Northmen” and “Norsemen” are other names for the Vikings.


Their homeland was a long the coastlines where the countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark are now.

For more than 250 years, the Vikings roamed the seas in their swift, high-powered ships, exploring and raiding along the coasts of other lands.

One of the bet-known Viking explorers was Leif Ericson.  He and his adventurous men reached North America long before Columbus made his famous voyage.

One of the reasons that the Vikings became raiders and explorers is that the poor land of their own country could not support all the people.  They had to find new places in which to live.  As the Vikings became more civilized, they gave up their warlike way of life and became peaceful fishermen and farmers.–Dick Rogers

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