What are the Arabian Nights?

The Arabian Nights is a collection of about 200 stories, which includes such famous tales as Aladdin’s lamp and the magic carpet.  Did you ever hear the stories about Aladdin’s Lamp, the Magic Carpet or Sinbad the Sailor?

These colorful tales are part of a collection of famous stories called the “Arabian Nights.”  Another name for it is ‘A Thousand and One Nights.’


According to legend, these stories were first told to a sultan of the East by his beautiful wife Scheherazade (she hair a zod).  The sultan hated women.  Each day he would marry a different queen.  The next day he would have her killed.

When he marries Scheherazade she saves her life by telling fascinating stories.  Day after day the sultan put off killing her because he wanted to hear the next story.

For a thousand and one nights she told one story each night.  The stories pleased the sultan so much that he made Scheherazade his queen forever.  Of course, the story of Scheherazade is not true.  No one person made up all the stories in the ‘Arabian Nights.’–Dick Rogers


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  1. Your post is awesome! Thank you for putting this up online and making things simple for the avarage audience!

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