What Is Hard Water?

Water that contains large amounts of dissolved minerals that make it difficult for soap to lather is called “hard water.”

Large Amounts of Certain Minerals

We usually think of water as an odorless and tasteless liquid.  But drinking water for example often has a definite odor and taste.

Pure water is never found in nature because water picks up and dissolves tiny bits of mineral matter whenever it flows.

“Hard water” is water which has dissolved large amounts of certain minerals.  Extra soap is needed for washing with hard water because the soap does not readily form soapsuds.  The minerals also stick to the sides of pipes and boilers and form a hard crust-like scale.

Water containing fewer minerals and in which soap will make good suds is called “soft water.”

Hard water is softened by filtering it through water-softening machines which treat it with chemicals to remove the hardening minerals.

Sea water with large quantities of dissolved minerals, is very hard.  Rain water is quite soft.–Dick Rogers

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