What are the rings of Saturn?


Saturn’s rings probably consist of chunks of icy rocks, which hurtle around the planets equator in four plat rings.

Twirling with its gleaming rings’ like a top in space.  Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets in our sun’s family.  No other planet has such rings.

The rings are believed to consist of countless numbers of ice-coated rocks, from the size of peas to perhaps the size of pianos.

The chunks of rock travel around the planet at its equator like swarms of moons in four separate, flat rings.  It is the sunlight striking the rings that makes them shine.  Though the rings stretch outward some 50,000 miles, they have a thickness of at most of a few thousand feet.

In addition to its rings.  Saturn has 10 large moons.  You have probably often seen Saturn looking very much like a bright yellow star.  A telescope is needed to see the rings.  Saturn was the farthest planet from the earth that ancient astronomers knew about.  They named it for the Roman god of the harvest.–Dick Rogers

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