How does a skywriter write in the sky?

Exhaust Pipe

To skywrite, the pilot releases smoke-making chemicals into the airplane’s exhaust pipe.  The trail of smoke they produce traces the letters.

Skywriting is a method of writing in the sky with an airplane.  A trail of smoke traces the letters.  Most skywriting message are advertisements that promote products advertisers want to sell.

The smoke used for skywriting is made from special, smoke making chemicals carried in a tank.  When the pilot wants to write a smoke letter, he releases some of the liquid chemicals into the airplane’s exhaust pipe.

The heat from the hot gases of the engine changes the chemicals into a very thick smoke.  This smoke then comes out of the plane’s smoke tubes in long streams.  It takes many hours of practice for a pilot to become a good skywriter.

He has to learn not only how to write backward, but also to write quickly before the wind blows his message away.  Each letter may be about a mile long.  People can see the giant letters spread out across the sky for many miles.–Dick Rogers

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