Where does a flower get its smell?

Most flowers, as we know, are the brightly colored blossoms of plants.  Many  flowers have very pleasing odors.  The flower gets its smell from a fragrant oil that the petals produce.

As the smell-producing oil evaporates into the air around the flower we can smell the sweet fragrance it gives off.  While the sweet smell of rose or honey suckle is pleasant to sniff, it is important to the lower, too!

The flower’s sweet scent and bright color attract insects and hummingbirds to help in the work of pollination.  The flower rewards its helpers with its sweet nectar.

The fragrant oils taken from such flowers as roses, jasmine and violets have long been used in making perfume.  Not all flowers smell pleasant.  The pelican flower of  South America, for example, smells like rotting meat, an odor that attracts insects that feed on dead animals.-Dick Rogers

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