How did the boxing ring get its name?

Boxing contests take place in a “ring” which is actually a square platform enclosed by ropes supported by posts at each corner.  The modern boxing “ring” probably got its name from the circular arena that Roman boxers once fought in.

These early boxers wrapped each fist in a leather thong called a “cestus,” which was studded with bits of metal.  These boxers often fought to the death.  Boxing was so bloody that the Romans banned it about 2,000 years ago.

Boxing reappeared in England in the 1700s.  The contestants wore no gloves, and beat at one another with their bare fists.

During the next century, rules were drawn up that provided, among other things, for a “ring” 24 feel square and bounded by ropes.  Boxers today wear padded gloves to soften the blows to help prevent inquires.

Professional boxers are often called “prize fighters,” because they are paid cash prizes for winning a bout.-Dick Rogers

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