How are paint brush made?

A paintbrush is a tool with stiff hairs or bristles for brushing paint onto a surface. Nearly all paintbrushes used for painting houses or for varnishing furniture are made of hog bristles or man made bristles, such as nylon.

Bristles are best-suited for paintbrushes because they split at the ends into a bushy “flag” which holds paint. To make a hog-bristle paint brush, the brush maker first straightens the bristles by boiling and heat-drying.

Next, he sorts the bristles, bunches up enough to make a paintbrush, trims them to the right length, then glues the bunch into one end of a metal ferrule (holder).  Finally, a machine nails a wooden handle to the other end.

Artists’ brushes are made in much the same way.  Fine artists’ brushes are usually made from the hairs of such animals as the red sable and so-called camel’s hair.  Which is not from the camel at all.  It is really squirrel hair.-Dick Rogers

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