What were centaurs?

Ancient Greek legends or tales tell of centaurs (pronounced SET tors), which were beastlike creatures half-man and half-horse. They were said to live in the mountains of Thessaly and Arcadia in Greece.

Centaurs were often wild, lawless creatures.  They liked to fight and destroy things using rough branches of trees as weapons.

The most famous centaur was Chiron.  Unlike the other centaurs he was kind and wise. He taught many Greek heroes including Achilles. Of course, there were never any real centaur.  But people once really belied in them.

No one is sure where the idea of centaurs came from.  Perhaps the centaur stories may have been started in ancient times by people who had never seen a horse.

They were, perhaps, filled with terror and awe at the sight of a mounted rider, and imagined that the horse and the man were one single creature!-Dick Rogers

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