Why is the season of autumn called fall?

Autumn is the season of the year that comes between summer and winter.  For those of us who live where there is a marked changed of season, we know it’s autumn when the leaves change color and the crisp air pinches our cheeks.

Americans often call this season “fall” because it is the time of failing leaves.  The name, autumn, is a form of the old Latin word for “maturing.”

It is the period of ripeness when farmers harvest their crops. In the northern half of the world, autumn begins about Sept. 23.  This day is called the autumnal equinox, when day and night are of equal length.

Autumn ends when winter starts, on December 22. The tilt and the travelling of the earth around the sun causes the change in the seasons.

In the southern half of the world, he seasons are just the opposite.  There, autumn begins and ends at the time spring begins and ends in the northern hemisphere. –Dick Rogers

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