How are glass bottles made?

Glass bottles, such as pop bottles and mil bottles, are made by machines which blow and mold the glass at the same time into the right shapes.

In the bottle-making factory, a gob of red-hot molten glass with just enough material to make the finished bottle is dropped into a metal mold.

A blast of air or a plunger forces the hot, syrupy glass against the sides of the mold, forming the neck and roughly shaping the bottle.

The partially shaped glass bottle then goes into a final blowing mold, where another blat of air blows the rough shape into a smooth glass bottle.

After the bottle has hardened, it is reheated in a special oven, then slowly cooled to make he bottle tough and hard to break.

The bottle-making machine can blow and shape hundreds of bottles each hour. Bottles made of plastic are made in much the same way glass bottles are made.Dick Rogers

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