How are natural diamonds formed?

Diamonds are formed in dying volcanoes.  As the hot lava cools, great pressure and heat act on the carbon found in the lava and change the carbon into diamonds. You may know that a diamond is simply a crystal of common carbon, of which coal is largely formed.

Diamonds were formed millions of years ago in the throats of dying volcanoes. As the molten lava cooled, great pressure and heat acted on the carbon into diamonds.

The first diamonds were found loose in sand and gravel of stream beds.  Today, diamonds are mostly mined from deep within the earth in or near old volcanoes.

The diamonds are found in a rock called “blue ground.”  The rock I dug out and crushed to free the diamonds.  Many tons of blue ground must be crushed and sorted to find one diamond, which must then be carefully sorted to find one diamond, which must then be carefully cut and polished to bring out its sparking brilliance.

Diamonds are fund on all continents, but chances are the ones you see came from diamond mines if Africa.-Dick Rogers

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