How are bricks made?

The ordinary bricks that a bricklayer uses to build a brick house are usually made from clay that is baked in an over.

To make bricks, he brick makers grind the clay and mix it with water.  Some sand is added, too.

A brick making machine pushes the soft clay through a hole to form a thick ribbon of clay.

Another machine, called a “brick cutter,” cuts the clay ribbon into brick shapes, in much the same way you’d cut a bar of cheese.

When the cut bricks have dried, the brick makers stack them in a big oven called a “kiln.”

In the kiln the bricks are “fired,” or baked.  This makes them hard and strong, and better able to withstand dampness.

In construction, the bricklayer arranges the bricks so that they tap over each other, to make the wall strong.

He uses a special kind of cement called “mortar” to hold the bricks together.  The mortar also makes the wall watertight. –Dick Rogers

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