Why do we feel pain when we are hurt?

Heat of the candle flame sends pain messages to the brain through long threads of nerve cells.

Consider yourself  lucky that you can feel pain.  Pain is your protector.  It warns of possible danger to the body.  If you did not feel pain from touching something hot, you might not jerk your hand away in time and could be injured seriously.

If we examine the skin, we find many tiny living threads spread throughout the skin, much like the roots of plant.  These threads are our pain nerves.

When we touch something hot, or when something bumps or scrapes them, our pain nerves send messages to the brain.

What happens is this:  When the pain nerve is injured, certain chemical changes take place within the nerve that start a message along a long nerve thread toward the brain.

These chemical changes happen all along the line, much like the spreading of small waves after a stone is thrown into a pond.  The changes happen very fast.

Since it has only a short way to travel, the message quickly reaches its destination—so quickly that jerk your hand away from a hot stove before you even have time to say “ouch!”-Dick Rogers

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