How Are Seedless Grapes Grown?

Grapes are seldom grown from seeds today.

A common way of growing new vines is from cuttings, or pieces of grown-up grapevines.  In the winter, the grape farmer cuts pieces about 12 inches long from the old vines.

Each piece has five or six buds (a small swelling on the vine that will develop into a new leaf or branch).  These cuttings are stored over the winter.

Early in the spring, they are planted in nursery beds where they grow roots.  In the following spring, the vines are planted as new grapevines.

Thompson seedless grapes were brought to the United States many years ago from Australia by a man named Thompson.

The seeds had been nearly bred out of the grapes by selecting only the grapes that had the fewest seeds to grow new vines, and planting their seeds in turn, until a practically seedless grapes resulted.

Grapes are one of the first fruits men learned to raise.  Some are eaten fresh, some made into grape juice, jelly, or raisins, and many tons of them are made into wine.  Dick Rogers

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